Doh! Usability Tip #1 Poor marking of links and buttons!


Doh! Usability Tips / CC BY 2.0

Have you ever had a moment, where you thought: Doh! That’s why My traffic isn’t converting, or that’s why all my visitors bounce. Well that’s what this series of posts will be about.

First up is poor marking of buttons and links. Now we all now the old mantra, Links should be blue and underlined, and visited links should be purple. But c’mon now, I’m a webdesigner, I’m not gonna use that rule for all my links, it’s boring!

However, marking your links properly is one of the most overlooked stages for a lot of webdesigners. We know it can be clicked and often make the mistake to assume that everybody else knows too. Here’s the kicker, they don’t!

Look at the link in this picture. It doesn’t stand out at all. Now I love youthedesigner as much, as the next guy, and you should go read some of their stuff, really useful for designers, but I just can’t understand why they would want their continue reading link to be grey. Why not use the red color they use for their inside the post content for this link.


I did some testing on out of our sites. And just sat and watched as people used it. I wondered for a long time why people had a hard time finding one of our features. And I started asking people about it. turned out that they thought the button was some kind of banner as it didn’t change color when they hovered over it. And then I thought “doh!” for about 7 minutes.

Mark those links, and stop loosing visitors.