Doh! Usability tip #2 Stop loosing signups, use inline validation of forms!


Doh! Usability Tips / CC BY 2.0

Does your website have sign up forms? Are the validated as the user enters their data? They should be. There is nothing worse than signing up for a forum, a web app or an online service, pressing the Sign up or buy button and then seeing a little red line saying your phone number is too short, or your user name is taken. Or, god forbid, getting prompted by an annoying little popup box.

Some people will not go back over their details, even if their interested. And even more so, with tabbed browsing, people will press signup and go to another tab and work. And they might even think they signed up and will never come back. That’s a stupid way to loose users. Give people a chance to get the data right before they press the signup button. Especially with user names. People will pick their normal user name and often that name will be taken. I for one use a pretty common alias. It’s really annoying to see it taken, but more annoying if I’ve filled in password, full name etc. and everything gets deleted and I get a prompt telling “Your chosen User name is already taken”.

Use inline validation and stop loosing interested customers and users.