Tools for removing backgrounds in photoshop


Here are some of the tools you can use to clip the background out of your images. This is just a basic walk-through of the tools that will help you out if you are completely new at working with photoshop, while regular users of photoshop will be familiar with these tools.

The pen tool
This is really good for stuff that has hard edges like illustrations or in some cases also humans (except hair, I will get to that later). You select the “paths” option at the top, so you don’t get a fill color on your selection and then you just start drawing your selection. Once you are done, right click and choose “make selection”.

The wand tool
The quick and dirty and not particularly accurate option. If you have a background that is the same color all over, you might be able to get a useful result with this tool. you select the wand tool, click the background and hit delete (Or fill in a layer mask). You have to me in a real hurry tho.

The Marquee tools and lasso tools
These tools can work for you if you are selecting something square or you are good with your mouse and really need a sharp edge. I do not personally use the lasso tool much as I find, I get better results with the pen tool for the same work. Again you make your selection and press delete or fill in a layer mask.

The brush tool/layer mask
This is without a doubt my favourite tool for removing backgrounds, it’s versatile and can suit most of my needs, from hair to sharp edges, you just change the brush type and size and start colouring in. Some people will call this slow, but compared to using the pen tool I don’t see any difference in time consumption but a real increase in quality. A small tip for hair is to use scatter on the brush and choose some of the weirder brushes and try those out.

Quick mask mode
Quick mask mode is a place where you can use all the photoshop tools to make a selection. You click the quick mask icon, just below your colors to enter it(or you can press Q). And the you start to make your selection. And you can then exit quick mask mode to see your selection.

Refine edges
When you have made your selection you can hit the refine edges button in the top menubar to get even more ways to modify your selection. There are too many settings in there to mention here, you are going to have to play with those yourself.

So that was just a quick review of the tools photoshop offer to remove backgrounds from you photos. There are more of them, but these are the ones to start with I think. Cya 🙂