3 tools to help you hide your identity online


Ever felt a bit paranoid when you’re surfing the web, wondering “who knows what I’m doing right now?” Okay quick – go put on your tinfoil hat, so big brother doesn’t dig into your mind. Done that? Let’s go on then. These are the tools to use when you feel a bit paranoid (with good reason) or when you just want to be able to surf privately and not leaving a trace.

1. Tor and Vidalia
This is my personal favourite. Tor works by bouncing your requests around a big network of sites that and then serving them to you. It can be a bit slow at times but it works for when you want to visits to remain unidentified.

2. Browser Proxy
Setting up your browser to use one of the countless proxies around is an option. There are alot out there and it’s hard to find a good one to surf from. Use a searchengine to find a proxy list. Pick one that’s marked anonymous and configure your browser to use it. In firefox you go to your browser settings – advanced – network – settings and set it up there.

FoxyProxy is a firefox extension that makes it easier to manage multiple proxy settings in your firefox. If you plan on using a lot of proxies this is a good addon to keep track of them.

3. HideMyAss.com and sites like it
If you only need proxies at sometimes you might consider just using an online proxy site like Hidemyass.com

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but try these out before you go crying in a corner 🙂