Fun ways to use advanced segments in Google Analytics

April 26th, 2010

Advanced segments is one of my favourite features in Google Analytics. It gives you the ability to create custom ways of viewing your analytics data with ease. In a few click you can segment visitors so you get data that you can actually use, rather than just overall numbers that don’t help you much. It gives you an easy way to answer questions that come up from the data that has already been collected which you are not able to with new site profiles.

Advanced segments in Google Analytics

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8 ways to get more out of your google analytics data

March 15th, 2010

Knowing how many visits/pageviews you have or how much traffic Google is sending your way, is a good way to measure your online marketing effort, but there’s a bunch of good opportunities to make your site better and finding new ways to go with your content in Google Analytics that, sadly, is overlooked by many people who have installed GA on their sites. Here’s 8 ways that could give you a better understanding of your visitors and their needs. And they do not require any customization of your GA account.
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