Removing blue tint from photo


Finished tunnel photo

I took this shot on a walk a couple of weeks ago, when I first tested out my camera. As you can see below the original shot is quite bad. I decided that the best way to learn about my new camera was to set it to full manual and then just start messing around (that turned out to be a great way to get massively confused 🙂 ).

Original tunnel photo

As you can see the original is too blue. That’s because I had my white balance settings wrong. I did get some better shots of this tunnel when I changed it but I decided to edit this one, after all the blog is called CorrectedColors so why not start with correcting a blue tint. There are many ways in photoshop to change colors. I did used two adjustment layers to change the colors on this one. I started with a photo filter layer that I set to an orange color and a density of 25%.

Photo filtered

That changed some of the blue and it also made the tunnel a bit more “narrow” which fit in nicely with the effect I was looking for. Next I did a hue/saturation layer.


I used hue/saturation because I wanted to make the scene look gray and dark. But I still wanted to keep the color in the yellow and green. I desaturated the blues in the picture and turned up the yellows a bit to get the feel I wanted. The last thing I did was sharpen the image using 2 different techniques. First I did a bit using the smart sharpening filter and erasing the bottom of the layer as I didn’t want more sharpness in the foreground. Then I duplicated the background again and used the High pass filter and changed the layer setting to overlay and brought the opacity down to where I thought the image looked as I wanted it.

The finished image

And that’s all I did for this post. This is one of the many ways to get better colors in your image.

Have a good one.

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