Doh! Usability tip #3 Make it easy to compare your products


Have you ever been to a website and had a hard time finding the product that would be the best for your needs? Have you checked lately that you aren’t making the same mistake on your own site? You really should. It might be really easy for you to decide which product is the best, but are you part of your own target audience? Often you won’t be. I have a few examples for you from the web hosting business. A business where people need to compare different packages.

Let’s start with one of the worst examples I could find. Laughing Squid


They offer a very simple setup where all packages is listed under each other. That unfortunately gives me no way to visually see the first and the last package set up against each other. And you might be thinking that if people are interested they’ll remember the top package when they are looking at the last one – WRONG! There are so many hosting options and in general, so many options on the internet, that people will hit the back button and find some other place to get hosting.

Now compare that to this setup. Still quite simple and not much flash, but you can compare every package to each other with ease. Only thing I might change is to have the price and order button at the top of the columns too. This*

There are of course many other ways to go about it and here is another good example from media temple.