Ideas to increase conversion rate


Conversion rate – the number of conversions made divided by the number of total visits. It’s the holy grail of e-commerce websites, it’s the figure that every webshop tries to optimize and the number that management is never really satisfied with. There are some basic things, that you can do, to help users get through your conversion process.

These are overall ideas. It’s not like saying “change the button color to red”, but these are the things I think you should address, long before you start to split test colors and texts.

Let people know what they’ll get before they click

This is especially good for newsletter sign ups. Let them know that they won’t get spammed with a newsletter everyday. You might even let them see a sample newsletter. This is a great way to let them see the value of your newsletter before they sign up. You could also provide screenshots or demos of your product.

Tell them WHO the product is for

Most webshops do a pretty good job of telling WHAT their products are for, but they forget to tell people WHO it’s for. This is a big mistake if you are catering to businesses. Business owners often doubt if your product is right for them. If your product is good for small businesses, then write that your product is a good fit, for small businesses and freelancer on your page. And answer why that is. Give common usage models and tell them how it saves time or how it help them make money. And tell them why it’s a great offer.

Remove concerns and answer common questions

Removing concerns can be done by having a return policy or giving away the first month of subscription for half. Letting users know that they don’t have to sign up for a full year or that they can call you with their questions will be a big help. Some user will not sign up or buy unless they are absolute certain they need your service or product.

These practices are not set in stone, and I’m not an expert on the subject, but this has helped me in the past. What would you do to get a better conversion rate?