How to: Make Your Images Crisp; Not Fuzzy



We’ve all taken images like this. The sharpness leaves a lot to be desired 🙂 This one is taken on my cell phone. So I’m going to show you a really quick and easy way to get a more crisp looking image.

Open your image in Photoshop and make a copy of the background layer. Then set the blending mode of that layer to overlay. Then, with that layer selected, go to Filter > Other > High Pass


Then choose a pixel value which gets you a bit of color on the edges of your subject, in this case the flower. My image is already resized for this post. So 2 pixels is enough for me.


This is how my image looks after using high pass.


Then you can of course go on and play around with other parts of your photo. I lightened the picture a bit and made a few minor adjustments to it. Ended up looking like this:


And side by side:


There you go, a really quick way to get a fuzzy photo looking a bit sharper.