How to: Get More Detail in a Backlit Image


Have you ever taken an image that was too heavily backlit? And have you ever had problems getting details in the dark areas, that you get in that image. I know I have. But I’m gonna show you an easy technique in Photoshop to get some of the detail back into your image, without getting that kind of dusty look that normally comes out.


First thing we are going to do is to make a copy of our background layer. Then we are going to go Image > Adjustments > Shadow/Highlight. Move the sliders around to get the best results. I like to do it, so they kind of line up at an angle like this.


I find that it reduces the milky white tint that the image gets which we don’t want. Here is my result. And then you can of course go on and make any other changes you want on your image.

Final Image

Here you can see them side by side


You could do it more than I did in this one, but be careful. At some point it will start looking unreal. But play around with it.