Great WordPress plugins you never knew existed


WordPress plugins are great for extending the capabilities of WordPress to fit your needs or just save some time for you. But there are so many of them that some of the great ones seem to go unnoticed. Here’s a list of great WordPress plugins you never knew existed.

Jquery Image lazy load

Great wordpress plugin for sites with a lot of images. The plugin holds off loading images, that’s lower on the page until the user scrolls down to them. Great for giving a better user experience and a faster loading site. Get Jquery Image lazy load here.

Easy JS and CSS

Implement css and javascript on specific posts on your blog. Great if you are using things like crazyegg or would like to use a specific jquery plugin in on only one post or page of your blog. Get Easy JS and CSS here.

Simple 301 redirects

The name says it all. Create redirects from deleted content quick and easy. Great little plugin for creating 301 redirects. Get Simple 301 redirects here.

Ozh’ Who Sees Ads

Control who sees ads on your site. It has a number of different settings, like how many days since the post have been published and whether or not the user is logged in. Get Who Sees Ads here.

Simple feed copyright

Adds a simple copyright statement to your feed with a link. It won’t prevent people from stealing your content obviously but it might give you a link everytime someone does. Find Simple feed copyright here.

Smooth Slider

Great content slider plugin that makes it easy for notech people to add content to the slider by clicking a simple checkbox. Download Smooth Slider for WordPress here.


Create a directory for you wordpress blog with this plugin. It makes it easy to create a resource list on your wordpress blog. Easy to use once installed. Get zeList here.

Really Static

Make your website static and really, really fast loading. Really great if you are suddenly getting traffic spikes. Download Really Static for WordPress here.

Did I miss a good one (of course I did)? Please post it in the comments and I will add it to the list.