Great tools for testing your mobile website


Testing your website on mobile devices can be a pain in the ass, simply because there are so many different devices now, with even more coming every week. But unless your website is really simple it’s a really good idea to at least get a sense of your design on the most popular devices. And here are some tools that can help you. Both in terms of layout and in terms of more technical pointers.

Testing layout:

Ipad Peek

A nifty little site that shows your website on an ipad. And it has a rotate feature which is really nice. It does a good job of replecating the results of a real ipad screen and it also has a iphone and iphone5 preview mode.

Try it here:

Opera mobile Testing

Simulates the opera mini mobile browser. Nifty little tool for testing a browser that is not used much on the desktop but is preinstalled on many mobile phones and it is a great mobile browser.

Try it here:

Adobe Edge Inspect

Preview & inspect web designs on different devices. This tool is a bit different and more comprehensive than the others. It is more of a development tool, where you keep a device connected and then it will update is as you code. The tool is free, you just have to sign up for an adobe creative cloud membership.

Try it here:


I’m going to mention browserstack here aswell. If you find yourself in need of testing a lot it might be worth it to you. It has all the testing you need in one place – Android, iOS and Blackberry etc. There is a free trial so give it a go.

Try it here:

Testing the technical stuff:

W3C mobile Validator

The W3C mobile validating tool. Great for giving you some pointer as to where your mobile website may have issues.

Try it here: by Google

A small easy-to-do test with some small pointers. This tool is very much made for non-webfolks and it shows. You don’t get much data, but it’s worth a mention.

Try it here:

That’s all. Now go get your test on!