Give your visitors a good first impression


First impressions, they are a bitch ain’t they? Everybody has had a bad day when they are not looking their best at a party or an event. And then there’s that feeling. The feeling that no matter what you say, no matter what you do, people are going to keep looking at you funny, like you are not the fastest moped on the harbour, like you are a loser. Guess what, people can give your website that look too.

Looking like a teenager

Let’s face it, you don’t see many baggy-pants and converse sneakers at board meetings, but on many mid-level company websites you can still go and see every freaking color from the photoshop crayon box splashed around in unimportant boxes and surprisingly enough some people still thing comic sans is a great font. The point is, if you are a serious company, serving serious people, you should make your website look professional and serious, the content on your website should look serious. The design should reflect that too.

Looking old and outdated

I’ll only say this once so pay attention: IF your site isn’t being update regularly, DO not put a last updated text on it. In general their is no need for a last updated text on websites, unless you are in the news business. Keep it away from your site. And don’t make references to last weeks meet-up, if you are not going to update your site for the next 3 years. It’s perfectly okay to have a great deal of old content on your site. It’s often really valuable to your visitors because the content is still worthwhile but the last updated tag can turn people off. As can a really outdated design. You don’t need the best design in the world. But a decent design will make your visitors stick a little bit better.

Looking like a con-artist

This one can be tricky, you want to get your great offer out there, so you make a good sales page listing every advantage of buying your product and your page doesn’t do well. When people get a good deal, they gladly take it. When they get a great deal, they start to wonder. What’s the catch? Is this guy legit? You really have to scrutinize your sales page and test it, make small changes to see what works for your customers. It’s not the same for every customergroup. You might have seen a website having a really spammy looking landing page, but that might actually be a really good converting page for that site. Now there are of course some things that will help for every site, things like:

  • Display address and phone number on the page.
  • Have your terms of service where people can find it.
  • have a FAQ page on the site
  • Display testimonials (REAL ones)
  • Have a contact form

Give your visitors a good first impression and then you’ll have a much better chance of converting them into long time customers or returning visitors.