Get Yourself More Visitors in 4 Basic Steps!


We all want more visitors, that’s nothing new. And most people say it’s difficult, but it’s really not, it’s just hard work. You just have to do it. Don’t try to cut the corner, it doesn’t work in the long run.

Make content

More content = more visitors. writing more content is the single most important thing you can do to get your website more visitors. Don’t try to get it perfect, just get some content out there for god’s sake.

Force feed visitors with your content

Give them options to get your content by email, rss and whatever else applies to you. Make it very, very easy to say yes. And Ask again if they say no. Look at the big sites and blogs. See those 5 places on the frontpage where you can signup for content? It works.

Let people share your content in an easy way

Let people digg, sphin, tweet, mixx, stumple and whatever else they want with your content. And make it easy. Provide those buttons, there are many different ways to do it. Test them and find the one you like.

Share your own content on social sites

Share you content on the social sites where you are active. I only use a couple of social sites and I only share on these. I don’t get much out of having empty accounts full of selfpromotion on every single social site I can find. But having a couple of really great profiles is really worth it.