Do you really want the perfect website?


Getting the perfect website designed – the last 10% will cost you more that the first 90%

Most webdesigners have had clients that wanted the perfect website for their business and that is a nice goal to have. But getting there will take a lot more effort and money, than getting a website that’s great, but not perfect.

I might be letting some big cat out the bag here but having the prettiest website does not make you content or your product great! Canned spam in a Louis Vuitton bag is still canned spam!

The devil is in the details

The small details that make a website perfect is time consuming. Really time consuming. Getting that line just right and that headline just a little more blue will use up a lot of time. Not only the designers time, but also the clients time. That’s okay if you have the money to do it but a lot of small business’ don’t have that. And more importantly they don’t have the time. Does that mean that they shouldn’t put up a website? No, get a proper site up and starting making yourself visible.

Getting the the website online is only half the story

When you get your site up you are only half way there, now starts the long process of getting people on to your site and converting them into costumers. And that, is the really hard part cause there is not way around this without hard work!

Sometimes it’s better to stop at 95%

Having a perfectly designed website does not guarantee that your website will be a success. The internet is a big place and I’m sure you’re not the only one trying to sell, what you are selling. Have you put some money aside for a marketing campaign? The people you are up against have.

You might think that getting a website up will give you more business. Well It won’t. If you are not going to commit long-term to making your website visible and keeping it up to date, then save your money and find something better to do.

If you have a budget that’s $10.000 for your website. How much of it are you going to spend on promotion? At least half if you ask me.

Now could we please lay the assumption to rest that online business is make and forget! It’s hard work and you are up against people that are willing to work harder and longer than you.

Now have a nice day, and get back to work 🙂

3 Responses to “Do you really want the perfect website?”

  1. cchana Says:

    some great points. promotion of a site is often forgotten and not budgeted well enough for imo.

  2. Green Hosting Services Says:

    Pretty much every design customer I have had had $0 budgeted to market it.

    “If you build it they will come” is not necessarily true.

  3. Give your visitors a good first impression - Says:

    […] is still worthwhile but the last updated tag can turn people of. As can a really outdated design. You don’t need the best design in the world. But a decent design will make your visitors stick a little bit […]