How to check if your email has been blacklisted


Ever started to get those not delivered emails in your inbox? It’s annoying, especially if you have sent some important emails to clients or partners. Often it is because of the recipients spam filter or a large file that is too big. But sometimes it can be your email that has been blacklisted. And that can be a big problem. I just had this problem not that long ago so I thought I would just share the tools I used to figure out what was wrong. So here are some ways to check if you have been blacklisted.

MXToolbox has a great service where you can look up your mail server IP and see if it’s on any of the blacklists out there (don’t worry if you don’t know the IP, just type in the domain).
If you domain is blacklisted, you can then click the links next to them for more information on how to remove it. They also have tool to check your mail headers.

Other places to check if you are blacklisted

Once you have discovered a problem, most of the lists will tell you what is wrong with your setup if that’s what’s wrong. So just a small post that I hope will save somebody some time 🙂