Infinite scroll is great! sometimes…

June 16th, 2013

I like infinite scroll, but only in the right situation, and only when it’s done right. And dammit, it’s often not done right.

When to use it
Is your site the sort of place where, most of the time, people are glancing over a bunch of information in a list, without the need to actually click on anything? It is time critical information that will be worthless in a couple of days. Then infinite scroll is good. Twitter is a nice example. But if your site is a place where you have lot of stuff, that I actually have to click on to view more, then please think very hard about implementing infinite scroll. 1. Just because you have a lot of shit doesn’t mean I want all of it in a list. Make it sortable and searchable and then let me decide if and, more importantly, when I want more. 2. If you just keep throwing more information in my face I’m going to click less on your links. Just because you actually keep adding more information to the page that I’m already on.

How to use it
For the love of god don’t show me the content before it’s all loaded and let me start scrolling, only to jump me back up to where I was when you started loading stuff (Or to some random place on the page – Yes, I’m looking at you, flickr). It’s just bad, and so, so annoying if you are on a slow loading connection (Apparently a 7/2 mbit now fits that description – who knew?), you get thrown around like the nerdy kids lunchbag. It’s actually so annoying that I’m honestly thinking about finding a new place for my pictures.

So to end: Infinite scroll – please use it with caution.

Mobile-first responsive webdesign

September 6th, 2012

– The way new websites are made

As a webdesigner, if you haven’t yet heard of mobile-first and responsive webdesign, I’m guessing you are either very, very, very busy with client work or you have been locked in a basement for about a year because these words are being used everywhere I look. But I do know some webdesigner have not yet looked into it and that most of our clients still do not know what it is or how it’ll benefit their users.

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Make your website sticky!

April 14th, 2010

Peanut butter and jelly. So tasty, so sweet and so sticky! Make your website like that and you are on your way to having a successful website. A Sticky website is a website that keep visitors around for longer, that make them view more pages and a website that get them to come back for more. It should be said that this will be a good thing for most websites but not for all. / CC BY 2.0

So let’s have a look at how you can make your website more sticky. I’m going to look at some of the things you can do, if you have a content site, like a blog, but you can use it across other types of websites as well.
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Are your CMS user-friendly?

February 14th, 2010

I’ve tried out a couple of different CMS systems lately and have had a chance to look at the back-end of some rather small, local sites. And boy there’s a lot of different ways to go about giving clients access. Some of them have full access to every corner of the CMS and some aren’t even able to make new pages or content elements.  My question is are you providing a user-friendly solution to your clients? Do your clients agree with your answer?
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Squeeze more speed out of your wordpress blog!

December 25th, 2009

Page speed is all the rage right now. And although wordpress is a fast blogging platform, it can get really bloated, really quick. With all the free plugins and themes using a lot of requests. Here are some tips to get a faster loading wordpress blog.

First Grab yourself some tools to measure the speed

Get yourself some tools to test your speed.
Yahoo’s Yslow, Firebug firefox extension, google pagespeed are just some of the speed tools out there. Try them out to see which one you like.

Backup everything!

Make yourself a backup of all your WordPress files and you database. Just to be save 🙂

And lets get on with it.
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Doh! Usability tip #3 Make it easy to compare your products

September 27th, 2009

Have you ever been to a website and had a hard time finding the product that would be the best for your needs? Have you checked lately that you aren’t making the same mistake on your own site? You really should. It might be really easy for you to decide which product is the best, but are you part of your own target audience? Often you won’t be. I have a few examples for you from the web hosting business. A business where people need to compare different packages.

Let’s start with one of the worst examples I could find. Laughing Squid

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Doh! Usability tip #2 Stop loosing signups, use inline validation of forms!

September 1st, 2009

Doh! Usability Tips / CC BY 2.0

Does your website have sign up forms? Are the validated as the user enters their data? They should be. There is nothing worse than signing up for a forum, a web app or an online service, pressing the Sign up or buy button and then seeing a little red line saying your phone number is too short, or your user name is taken. Or, god forbid, getting prompted by an annoying little popup box.
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