Great tools for testing your mobile website

January 15th, 2013

Testing your website on mobile devices can be a pain in the ass, simply because there are so many different devices now, with even more coming every week. But unless your website is really simple it’s a really good idea to at least get a sense of your design on the most popular devices. And here are some tools that can help you. Both in terms of layout and in terms of more technical pointers.

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Fun ways to use advanced segments in Google Analytics

April 26th, 2010

Advanced segments is one of my favourite features in Google Analytics. It gives you the ability to create custom ways of viewing your analytics data with ease. In a few click you can segment visitors so you get data that you can actually use, rather than just overall numbers that don’t help you much. It gives you an easy way to answer questions that come up from the data that has already been collected which you are not able to with new site profiles.

Advanced segments in Google Analytics

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How to check if your email has been blacklisted

April 18th, 2010

Ever started to get those not delivered emails in your inbox? It’s annoying, especially if you have sent some important emails to clients or partners. Often it is because of the recipients spam filter or a large file that is too big. But sometimes it can be your email that has been blacklisted. And that can be a big problem. I just had this problem not that long ago so I thought I would just share the tools I used to figure out what was wrong. So here are some ways to check if you have been blacklisted.

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10 jQuery plugins to do graphs and charts

February 20th, 2010

Tables are great for displaying data and getting complex analysis data across. But who are we kidding, this is the internet. I know I for one have the attention span of a goldfish. A picture or a graph say more than a thousand words have never been truer than it is today. I’ve collected a list of jQuery plugins to help you make nice looking graphs and charts from your data.
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3 tools to help you hide your identity online

October 15th, 2009

Ever felt a bit paranoid when you’re surfing the web, wondering “who knows what I’m doing right now?” Okay quick – go put on your tinfoil hat, so big brother doesn’t dig into your mind. Done that? Let’s go on then. These are the tools to use when you feel a bit paranoid (with good reason) or when you just want to be able to surf privately and not leaving a trace.

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