Building a trustworthy website


Let’s face it. Signalling trust on you website and in particular on your landing pages is a big factor in how good your conversion rate is. Problem is, you only have a couple of seconds to make people trust you. So how do you go about building trust in your services and products in the 3 seconds visitors plan on giving you? We all make split second decisions, both on and offline.

Now as with most things in life, who we trust has no 100% rules that you can follow. We are all a bit different from each other. And different things appeal to different age groups and genders. Different things appeal to the same person, depending on what they are looking for. You are not concerned as much about the trustworthiness of a site if you are looking for a cooking recipe, as you are if you are buying a new television or a piece of business software. Some things you need to think about are:

That’s a.. interesting color choice

Choose colors that won’t scare people away, colors that fit your business and colors that your visitors would like. I wouldn’t hire a lawyer with a pink website, would you?

All the colors of the rainbow

Limit yourself to a small number of colors in your design, especially in text. Dont have 5 different colored headings on a page. That’ll make your visitors think twice about you.

Just like the boy scouts

Wear those badges with pride. If you have online payment show the different options of payment and if you are a member of any “save online payment system” show those badges to people. And show them in a professional manner, not all over the place.

That’s a lot of ads

Be careful with the amount of ads you put on your pages if you are making a information website. Too many ads might pay you a bit more in short time, but it can hurt your site in the long run.

Show yourself!

People like people, are you trying to sell me something? Unless you are the cheapest you need to provide something else. Show me you. And not some generic prettygirl with a headset on that you found on a stock photo site.

Location and contact

Show where you are located and show people that you have a contact page with multiple means of contacting you.

What did I miss? What would you put in the list?