Infinite scroll is great! sometimes…

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I like infinite scroll, but only in the right situation, and only when it’s done right. And dammit, it’s often not done right.

When to use it
Is your site the sort of place where, most of the time, people are glancing over a bunch of information in a list, without the need to actually click on anything? It is time critical information that will be worthless in a couple of days. Then infinite scroll is good. Twitter is a nice example. But if your site is a place where you have lot of stuff, that I actually have to click on to view more, then please think very hard about implementing infinite scroll. 1. Just because you have a lot of shit doesn’t mean I want all of it in a list. Make it sortable and searchable and then let me decide if and, more importantly, when I want more. 2. If you just keep throwing more information in my face I’m going to click less on your links. Just because you actually keep adding more information to the page that I’m already on.

How to use it
For the love of god don’t show me the content before it’s all loaded and let me start scrolling, only to jump me back up to where I was when you started loading stuff (Or to some random place on the page – Yes, I’m looking at you, flickr). It’s just bad, and so, so annoying if you are on a slow loading connection (Apparently a 7/2 mbit now fits that description – who knew?), you get thrown around like the nerdy kids lunchbag. It’s actually so annoying that I’m honestly thinking about finding a new place for my pictures.

So to end: Infinite scroll – please use it with caution.

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Adapting content to your users device

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I know what you’re thinking: Whatchu talkin bout fool? What I’m talking about is changing content based on the device of your user. What I’m not talking about is moving stuff around with css and using display: none a bunch. I’m talking about never showing the content or showing different versions of content to mobile devices or tablets. I have seen this idea mentioned very briefly in many posts, but nobody seems to tell you how or why to actually do it. So that’s what I’m going to try to answer here.

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Great tools for testing your mobile website

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Testing your website on mobile devices can be a pain in the ass, simply because there are so many different devices now, with even more coming every week. But unless your website is really simple it’s a really good idea to at least get a sense of your design on the most popular devices. And here are some tools that can help you. Both in terms of layout and in terms of more technical pointers.

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How to start designing an Adaptive Website

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When you decide to start converting your current website to an adaptive layout or start a new website which you want to be adaptive, the project can seem a bit daunting to say the least. I mean, how the hell do you start building a website that looks good, in every size known to man? That’s an overstatement, but you know what I mean. This is not a technical post, there’ll be plenty more of those, this is more of look into the major areas you need to think about during the process of building  an adaptive website.

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Responsive JQuery Imageslider Plugins

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Imagesliders are great for creating some life on your website, and with the boom of javascript libraries such as jquery, everyone and their mother has one on their website. Here are a selection of plugins for jquery that looks great, even on your mobile device.

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5 mobile menu plugins for jquery

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Creating menus for mobile users gives webdesigners a unique challenge, which can be dealt with in very different ways. One of the quickest ways is to use a jquery plugin, now if you are not loading jquery as part of your site already this might be overkill just to use it for a menu. But a lot of us use JQuery so this can be a good solution.

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5 quick tips to instantly make better web forms

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I know what you’re thinking: “It’s a form. How hard can it be?” But there is some things you can do to be sure you don’t loose out on business inqueries and the best part about it is, that most of them are easy to implement and you don’t have to mess with it, more than once. So it’s worth doing, now lets do it.

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Mobile-first responsive webdesign

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– The way new websites are made

As a webdesigner, if you haven’t yet heard of mobile-first and responsive webdesign, I’m guessing you are either very, very, very busy with client work or you have been locked in a basement for about a year because these words are being used everywhere I look. But I do know some webdesigner have not yet looked into it and that most of our clients still do not know what it is or how it’ll benefit their users.

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Prevent hotlinking of your images using htaccess

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If you suddenly experience a lot of traffic to your images that are not coming from your site, it’s often because of hotlinking. If you’re on limited bandwidth this can be a real pain. Here’s an easy way to prevent it using your .htaccess file. So here is how to do it in four lines:

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