Auto aligning two layers in Photoshop


Auto aligning in photoshop

This is a great and easy way to get better lightning in your pictures. We all know that some times you get a dark foreground or a blown out sky in your images. Now you can combine these two images together quite fast and easy with some really nice results.

The 2 layers

First thing you do is open both images and drag one on top of the other. As you can see both of these layers have big problems.

Now you mark both layers and go to Edit – Auto-Align Layers. And choose the setting that suits your needs. I did auto for mine. (Look at the top photo to see where to go).

Next make a layer mask and draw in the stuff you want from the top layer. Make sure you spend a little bit of extra time here, to make it look good and that means more than me 🙂

final test

That’s all there is to it.