8 places to start learning jQuery


Okay, right off the bat. I’m no jQuery expert and I’m by no means a coding expert. I can code CSS/HTML in my sleep of course, but I have not worked a lot javascript. I have been learning it a bit at the time as I’ve had the need for it.

And then along came jQuery. That really made me get a lot more into javascript as it made thing so much easier. Know having said that jQuery takes a bit of time to learn too. Here is the list of sites I like to visit when I want to learn a bit of jQuery:

jQuery for Absolute Beginners Video Series I started with this great video series. Really detailed and easy to understand learning. Watch and follow all these videos and you should really be quite well off.

The jQuery How-To blog beginner labeled Another great site with lots of stuff for beginners to jQuery.

Simple Guide: How To Get Started With jQuery Nice and simple guide to jQuery. And I love the clear writing style. I find that really important when I’m trying to learn new stuff.

Learning jQuery: Beginner Learning jQuery’s beginner level is great. And they have a lot of tips for when you get a bit better too.

Creating a jQuery Plugin: A Beginner’s Guide Learn how to set up your own plugins with jQuery.

15 Days Of jQuery 15 nice tutorials and more 🙂

jQuery for Designers great video tutorials for learning jQuery.

jQuery.com – Tutorials Last one on the list. The mothership. jQuery.com’s own tutorial page is also filled to the brim with great stuff.

Now go out a learn some more jQuery 🙂