5 easy-to-follow tips for a better wordpress start setup


WordPress is really easy to install. It only takes about 5 minutes. But there are some easy changes you should do when you install wordpress to save time and energy later. Here are 5 things to remember when you are setting up a fresh wordpress install.

1. Change your password

Change the autogenerated password for your blog. Should be a nobrainer.

2. Change the display name on your your profile

Change the information on your profile. Else your comment replies will be from “admin”.

3. Change your permalink structure

Get yourself a better permalink structure, and get some nice looking URL’s. I recommend /%postname%/ cause it gives nice short URL’s but use the one that fits your need.

4. Change your about page

Nothing says new wordpress site more than a This is you about page page. Change it into something useful. Same goes for the classic “Hello World!” post. Delete it.

5. Install the basic plugins

There are a ton of plugins for wordpress, that will help you get the most out of wordpress. I have a couple that I use on almost every wordpress install I do.

Akismet – Will help reduce the spam comments on your site, and make your moderation a bit easier. A big help when your pick up a bit of momentum. And it’s already included in wordpress. You just need to get the API key from wordpress.com

WP-DB-Backup – Servers break down, harddrives crash. I keep a local backup of my database and this plugin helps make it easy. One less thing to worry about.

Google XML Sitemaps – Automatically generate and update an xml sitemap for your site.

All-in-one SEO plugin – Gives you some posibilities to make your titles and meta description unique for each page.

WP-Cache – Will help your site if you are on a slower hosting account or if you are getting more traffic than expected. It caches your page which takes down the number of requests to your server.

That should give you are nice foundation for your blog.