5 plugins to do inline form validation with jQuery


Inline form validation is a great usability feature that helps ensure that your visitor don’t fill out your forms incorrectly and submit just to be prompted with a message, that they have forgot a @ in their email address by making the the validation process happen while or just after they type something in a form.

Thing is, it’s always been quite annoying to make the validation code on sites. So here are 5 different way to it with the jquery library on your forms.

Inline Validator by Position Absolute

Great plugin and tutorial with sleek looking popup boxes.

jQuery Validation

Simple and to the point plugin to do inline form validation.

Bassistance jquery validation

Great plugin that changes the background color of the box when the space isn’t fill out correctly. It’s easy to use too.

jQuery Live Form Validation by GeekTantra

Nice plugin with some great feature for check boxes and drop downs.

Advanced jQuery form validation

Great plugin with a good feature set and it’s good for many different purposes.

That was my little short list of inline validation plugins for jQuery, there are many others, but these are the ones that I have been looking at the last time I needed one.