10 jQuery plugins to do graphs and charts


Tables are great for displaying data and getting complex analysis data across. But who are we kidding, this is the internet. I know I for one have the attention span of a goldfish. A picture or a graph say more than a thousand words have never been truer than it is today. I’ve collected a list of jQuery plugins to help you make nice looking graphs and charts from your data.


Great looking bar graphs with jQuery. Learn more about it here.

jQuery Visualize Plugin

Really the all in one of jQuery charts, it comes with editable tables that will change the charts on the fly. A really cool plugin form filamentgroup


JGcharts is a simple looking chart plugin with the nice little 3d pie chart feature.


A great looking bar chart plugin with a ton of options available.


Flot is a great jQuery plugin, that is easily customisable to fit you needs, and it has a nice hover function similar to google analytics.

jQuery Sparkline

A lightweight and easy-to-use charts plugin for when you don’t need something too fancy. Sparkline might be what you are looking for.

jQuery plugin for canvas pies

Nice and simple canvas pies.


Good plugin with some easy-to-use options.

Horizontal Bar Graph in jQuery

This is a small plugin with horizontal bars. Might not be the prettiest around but it’s a solid plugin, that might be a better fit for you than some of the bigger plugins in the list.


BIG plugin with a ton of options to choose from. These guys have done a great job of making a really really good jQuery charting plugin.

That’s 10 really useful jQuery plugins to do help draw some pretty graphs from your data, have I missed any? Please share your favorite plugins down below.

One Response to “10 jQuery plugins to do graphs and charts”

  1. dhanesh mane Says:

    I would like to add high charts to the list. I have used high charts and I think its one of the best charts script.