Creating muted colors effect in photoshop

Added Friday, January 14th, 2011 at 7:40 pm by

I want to show you how I get a muted colors effect on my images. I think it can make some of your pictures more interesting. But it’s not a fit for every picture so don’t overdo it :)

Muted colors

And the original.

muted colors original image

Here is how I did it
Open up your image. Go to the channel panel and ctrl-click on the RGB channel.
Go to Select – Inverse. Make a new layer and fill it with black. Change the blending mode to multiply.
Go to select – Inverse again. Make a new layer and fill it with white. Change the blending mode to screen that one.
Now you create a hue/saturation adjustment layer and set the saturation to 40% depending on your image.

That’s it. You might have to play around with the settings to get the look you are after.
Have fun :)